Subject: Re: Intel x86_64 chips (Pentium 4 EMT)
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Date: 02/20/2005 08:15:09
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>Subject: Re: Intel x86_64 chips (Pentium 4 EMT)
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>> > 	Has anyone tried yet to run the "amd64" port on either a XEON or
>> > a Pentium 4 EMT (i.e. Intel's flavor of x86_64 - they do work w/ the MS
>> > beta software, and according to source internal to MS, both the prototypes
>> > with and without the added 'NX' bit/capability work for them, just no stack
>> > protection without the 'NX' bit - Also, the prototypes withut the 'NX' bit
>> > are in 478 pin packages and will never be released)?
>> It should "just work", but I haven't had a chance to try it myself..
>I can hereby vouch for it working, save for the extra spewage
>right after it detects the (serial) console port.
>I'm currently in the process of installing the amd64 port on an
>IBM x306 with a 3.2GHz P4 processor.  The dmesg output from the
>install cd-rom from 2.0 follows:
>[dmesg snipped]

	The EMT's have been shipping in Europe and Asia for almost 4 months,
but they're just now appearing in the U.S. (except for IBM and DELL, who
"announced" months ago, but weren't shipping until recently - and I always
assemble from components myself).

	Great, Thanks,

	Paul Shupak

P.S.  I notice IBM refers to "EM64T" not the "EMT" that was in the Intel
price sheets and internal documentation;  Must be a marketing change!?