Subject: Re: MPACPI fix (for those who had trouble with it, urgent!)
To: Takayoshi Kochi <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 05/16/2004 20:08:09
On Sep 1,  1:37pm, Takayoshi Kochi wrote:
} Hi P4P800-owners,
} > for 2, I haven't had any idea what's wrong in the mpacpi.c code,
} > though I already have enough information to investigate (Thanks
} > to Martin Husemann).  This looks really wierd, as I have a similar
} > (P4HT-based, ICH5 southbridge) motherboard and it works fine
} > and don't see much difference yet.
} That was whether a CSA-connected LAN exists or not!

     I'm guessing you mean ISA here?

} Even when a motherboard doesn't have such a CSA-connected LAN,
} ACPI namespace can describe interrupt routing for it, and
} then mpacpi.c got confused for it.
} I reinforced the logic in mpacpi.c to derive PCI bus number behind
} PCI-to-PCI bridge in ACPI namespace.
} Hopefully this version fixes the P4P800 problem.

     I have tried the mpacpi.c file that was included in your message
on a P4P800 motherboard, and everything seems to be fine at this

} There may be other bugs in it, but if it works on P4P800, at least
} it's better than current one and I'd like to commit.
} Test results welcome.

     Did you still want the output of acpidump, etc?

}-- End of excerpt from Takayoshi Kochi