Subject: The sudden reset problem
To: None <>
From: Andreas Kahari <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 04/02/2004 23:55:47

I'm wondering if this problem:

and this:

is the same problem, or somehow related?

I just ran into the same thing on OpenBSD/amd64 when
compiling gnome and running another heavy process in
the background (just as I did previously in NetBSD, see

Could it be hardware related?  The hardware monitor in OpenBSD says:

$ sysctl hw.sensors
hw.sensors.0=it0, Fan1, fanrpm, 3409 RPM
hw.sensors.2=it0, Fan3, fanrpm, 0 RPM
hw.sensors.3=it0, VCORE_A, volts_dc, 1.50 V
hw.sensors.4=it0, VCORE_B, volts_dc, 2.54 V
hw.sensors.5=it0, +3.3V, volts_dc, 3.23 V
hw.sensors.6=it0, +5V, volts_dc, 3.58 V
hw.sensors.7=it0, +12V, volts_dc, 11.65 V
hw.sensors.8=it0, Unused, volts_dc, -0.12 V
hw.sensors.9=it0, -12V, volts_dc, -5.96 V
hw.sensors.10=it0, +5VSB, volts_dc, 3.63 V
hw.sensors.11=it0, VBAT, volts_dc, 0.00 V
hw.sensors.12=it0, Temp1, temp, 26.00 degC / 78.80 degF
hw.sensors.13=it0, Temp2, temp, 42.00 degC / 107.60 degF
hw.sensors.14=it0, Temp3, temp, 127.00 degC / 260.60 degF

Note the "hw.sensors.9" value (this is while compiling a
program, it goes straight to around -12 when done).

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