Subject: NVIDIA nforce3-150 Ethernet on Shuttle SN85G4 Athlon64?
To: None <>
From: Mark G. Spencer <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 12/04/2003 20:35:59
I just got my first exposure to NetBSD this morning when I found the g4u ("=
ghost for unix") utility at

The g4u utility uses a modified NetBSD boot floppy.  I tried to run it on m=
y Shuttle SN85G4 w/ an Athlon64 cpu, and noticed the machine wasn't assigne=
d an IP address.  I went to the Shuttle website to determine what chipset w=
as being used, and I'm not very optimistic at this point.  It looks like th=
e SN85G4 uses the nForce3-150 chipset?  I found this document, which mentio=
ns NVIDIA took the Ethernet off the PCI bus to optimize performance:

I then browsed some NetBSD mailing list posts and saw some mentions of supp=
ort not likely for NVIDIA chipsets?

So .. I'm just trying to find out what the situation is.  I imagine the Shu=
ttle SN85G4 will be a popular platform for the Athlon64, and being able to =
get NetBSD running on it would be great.

Thanks for putting up with a newbie!