Subject: Re: A short update
To: None <>
From: Parag Patel <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 05/29/2003 10:01:20
>That's a hard question to answer. :-)  Is there a short consice doc of OF
>features (properites)?

Alas these tend to be binding-specific.  The PowerPC and PCI documents
from the OFWG sites make a good stab at the info provided.

>FreeBSD/amd64 will depend on ACPI to get the MP table info, for instance.

Quite.  That info can easily be placed into the device tree.  Here's the
current device tree on the SOLO:

    ok show-devs
    /pci (pci)
    /pci/isa@5 (isa)
    /pci/isa@5/ide@i1F0 (ide)
    /pci/isa@5/ide@i1F0/cd@1,0 (block)
    /pci/isa@5/ide@i1F0/disk@0,1 (block)
    /pci/isa@5/ide@i1F0/disk@0,0 (block)
    /pci/isa@5/keyboard@i60 (keyboard)
    /pci/isa@5/serial@i2F8 (serial)
    /pci/isa@5/serial@i3F8 (serial)
    /pci/pci@4 (pci)
    /pci/pci@4/ethernet@5 (network)
    /pci/pci@4/usb@0,1 (usb)
    /pci/pci@4/usb@0 (usb)
    /pci/pci@2 (pci)
    /flash@FFF00000 (block)
    /failsafe (serial)
    /cpus (cpu)
    /memory@0 (memory)

(We don't yet have a driver for EHCI USB nor for the builtin ethernet.)

The /cpus node lists all the available CPUs.  The properties hung under
/cpus/cpu@0 are:

    ok cd /cpus/cpu@0
    ok .properties 
    translations          0:20000000 --> 0 (7)
			  20000000:E0000000 --> 20000000 (17)
			  7F80000000:20000000 --> 0 (7)
			  7FA0000000:60000000 --> 20000000 (17)
			  FFFFFF8000000000:20000000 --> 0 (7)
			  FFFFFF8020000000:E0000000 --> 20000000 (17)
			  FFFFFFFF80000000:20000000 --> 0 (7)
			  FFFFFFFFA0000000:60000000 --> 20000000 (17)
    available             0:800000000000
    existing              0:800000000000
    of-available          FFFFFFE0:F00000000
    claim-mode            0x7 (7)
    map-in-mode           0x17 (23)
    i-cache-sets          0x400 (1024)
    i-cache-block-size    0x40 (64)
    i-cache-size          0x10000 (65536)
    d-cache-sets          0x400 (1024)
    d-cache-block-size    0x40 (64)
    d-cache-size          0x10000 (65536)
    write-buffer-size     0x20 (32)
    tlb-sets              0x1 (1)
    tlb-size              0x40 (64)
    page-size             0x1000 (4096)
    bus-frequency         0x2FAF0800 (800000000)
    timebase-frequency    0x384000 (3686400)
    clock-frequency       0x2FAF0800 (800000000)
    model                 Athlon64
    cpu-version           0x30000 (196608)
    reg                   0:0
    name                  cpu

These are obviously still highly preliminary.
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