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Re: Soon to be free AlphaServers

On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 08:04:45AM -0400, rodent%NetBSD.org@localhost wrote:
> DEC AlphaServer 1200:  (1) 533 MHz 21164A-2 CPU (until recently, it had two of
> these.  One is now showing a fan error. Perhaps, if you replaced the fan, it
> still might work, if the board is OK), 1 GB ECC RAM, (2) 9.1 GB disks (one is
> DEC OEM :]), (2) 18.2 GB disks, (3) 36.4 GB disks, (2) DEC DE500-XA 100 Mbit 
> ethernet adapters, ARC Logic 2000PV VGA adapter (2 MB RAM?), QLogic 1020 Fast 
> Wide SCSI HBA, Mylex RAID DAC960P/PD controller with 8 MB RAM.


Did anyone take the AS1200 listed above? I have an AS1200 533MHz cpu
board I'd be happy to donate if someone wants to pay for shipping that
could be used to return it to a dual CPU system.

Unfortunately I can't test it as I don't currently have an AS1200
however the CPU was received by me as a working and tested item. 

If there is an interest, in a similar vein to the original post, please
contact me off list. I should also point out I'm in the UK.


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