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Re: userland problem

I found the problem using /rescue/ldd. It was that cc, for instance, was 
missing libintl.so.1. I just recompiled whole system, that helped. Now system 
works wonderfully (except for the system ignoring fstab and only mounting ro 

I also would like to use kgdb, but I have some difficulties here too. The 
problem is that gdb tries to set soft-breakpoint on main() of the kernel elf 
before doing any meaningfull operation (like continue or step). And the stub 
reports reading error for that operation. And I have determined that this 
happens because the address is not vmapped, it is in K0SEG. kgdb_acc function 
from alpha's kgdb_matchdep.c explicitly filters accessible addresses to be in 
K1SEG. Removing this check leads to a memory access trap. It seems like writing 
to K0SEG requires some more privileged mode. On the other end cross-gdb (on 
client side) is stubborn and doesn't want to work without making sw-breakpoints 
here and there. Any advice?

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