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API Networks CS20 Bad Memory or ROM

Hi All,

Since it appears that this list has suddenly sprung to life, perhaps someone who knows about API Networks CS20 or AlphaServer DS20L machines is around and would be willing to help me with my problem. After my API Networks CS20 was sitting on my shelf unplugged for a couple years, I turned it on a few days ago and received the following output on my serial console:


Bad Memory or ROM?
J14 J16 J18 J20(Bank0)
57 57 57 57
J15 J17 J19 J21(Bank1)
57 57 57 57.3f.06

I tried moving the eight RAM modules around (2GB installed) to different slots, removing all of them completely, putting a jumper across pins 1 and 2 on J2, replacing the 3V battery, but the bad memory or ROM message still appears. Typing a carriage return after the message above drops me to the SROM mini-debugger:

SLRP V02050202
Break (ff) from 00004740

from which I can run all the mini-debugger commands. As near as I can tell, I need to reflash the firmware, and the user's guide specifies that jumpers must be placed across pins 1/2 and 3/4 in J2 in order to "failsafe reflash from CDROM (COM1)". Here's where I am stuck. What should be on the CD? Should the CS20 automatically boot from it or is there a command I need to run in the SROM mini-debugger? I burned the ISO files hosted at:




to separate CD-Rs. I've read elsewhere that someone had success with flashing a CS20 with firmware intended for a DS20L, and v6.6 was the last SRM release for the DS20L (but v6.5 was the latest one in an ISO file), so that's why I tried the v6.5 firmware ISO from HP. I then put the proper jumpers in place, but the "Bad Memory or ROM?" message still appears on boot with either CD-R in the drive, and I am dropped to the SROM mini-debugger as before. I'm fairly certain that the CD-ROM drive functions, as the status LED on it flashes often during POST.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I'd love to get this guy back up and running.



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