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Re: Does SRM configure all PCI devices?

On May 21, 2012, at 11:14 PM, Dave Huang wrote:

> I also notice that in SRM, "show config" does not show the USB card under the 
> "PCI Bus" section. That said, it doesn't show the SATA card either, but that 
> seems to work OK. So, I was wondering if perhaps SRM only configured function 
> 0 of the PCI devices? The USB card is the only PCI device installed that has 
> more than one function.

On other alphas, SRM has restrictions on what slots can have multifunction 
cards.  This might be true for your system.

> Assuming the problem is that functions 1 and 2 weren't configured, is there 
> anything I can do on the NetBSD side to fix that?


might help.

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