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Re: restet nvram

On 2011-08-10 13.29, Pierre-Philipp Braun wrote:

I'm dealing with an alphaserver 800 5/500 and I'm wondering how to
entirely reset the nvram. I've got the latest firmware (V5.8).

On microvaxes there's the 'unjam' command to reset the firmware to
default values. On this alpha there's no such command. And the commands
are generally different. E.g. boot -flags x.x instead of boot/x. Any
idea how to reset the whole thing to the defaults on alpha?

I think I can reset some single values to the defaults using 'set
<envar>' with no arguments (previously set -defaults <envar>, this is
now obsolete). But I would like to reset it all.

FYI: The unjam command on the VAX does not affect nvram. It's to unjam bus adapters from potentially locked state (and possibly CPU and other hardware). I think it might even be a NOP on VAXstations. The command set of the VAX boot monitor is standardized, and so, some command might not make sense on some hardware platforms, but they still exist.

Normally, the nvram is reset by removing or adding a jumper, shorting two pins on the motherboard, or something similar. Sometimes there is a button you can press to reset nvram. In all cases that I can remember, it's been something that required physical action on the machine.


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