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Re: two 21264 alphas to give away

Am 23.04.2011 15:56, schrieb Andrew Gallatin:
I did a lot of work on the FreeBSD/alpha port about 10 years ago.
Sadly, FreeBSD has lost interest in the alpha, and I have no real need
for my alphas anymore.  We are moving soon, and I need to get rid of
some of my excess equipment.

  I have an UP1000 and an XP1000 that I'd be willing to ship to
somebody in the US (ideally the recipient would reimburse my shipping
costs, these are boat anchors).  I have until Tues to get rid of them,
as that is a rare computer recycling day at  my wife's work.  If
anybody is interested, please let me know.

Sad times everyone is getting rid of their Alphas. I just sold 6 old AlphaServers myself. Hope yours get a sanctuary, too.


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private: http://neslonek.homeunix.org/drupal/

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