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Re: Xalpha -- does anyone use this?

> alpha port is not using xorg by default because there is not Xalpha
> equivalent for it.  does anyone actually use this?
> is there anyone would be actually adversely affected if it was no
> longer available until someone did the work to make it so?  i'd like
> to get alpha onto xorg by default.

I have some of them (Xalpha for PCI TGA also works on NetBSD/arc BTW),
but no problem to make xorg default.

What we need is to port TGA/SFB support (that also use /dev/ttyE0 mmap)
in XdecNetBSD to wsfb driver, and I guess it's trivial for someone[TM]
who is familiar with Xorg driver...

Izumi Tsutsui

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