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Re: shells/standalone-tcsh segfaults

Jarle Greipsland <jarle.greipsland%uninett.no@localhost> writes:
> Jarle Greipsland <jarle.greipsland%uninett.no@localhost> writes:
> > has anyone else experienced problems with the
> > shells/standalone-tcsh package from pkgsrc?  On my system it
> > dumps core quite early during startup.  Could the fact that this
> > binary is linked statically be the problem?  Any ideas?
> I have since built a the shells/tcsh package and the dynamically
> linked binary from this package runs just fine.  So the static
> vs. dynamic build seems to make a difference.  Has something
> happened recently with the compiler or linker?

It's a linker problem.  I compiled the standalone-tcsh package in
the usual way, but removed the resulting binary, and performed
just the final link command with a linker (and corresponding
libbfd.so.9 shared object) from a 5.1_RC?-something system.  The
resulting statically linked binary runs just fine.

So, something has changed in -current with regards to the linker
or the BFD library -- something that breaks static linking on the
NetBSD/alpha platform.  Does this ring any bells?

"Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?"

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