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Can't get Alpha to boot...


I'm trying to get an AlphaStation 4000 set up with NetBSD. I'm using a NetBSD 5.0.2 CD, which works fine, but regardless of whether I let the installer do the installing or I newfs and untargzip then installboot myself, it won't boot. Am I missing something?

Here are the SRM settings:

boot dka0
(boot dka0. -flags a)
failed to open dka0.
auto_action             BOOT
boot_dev                dka0.
boot_osflags            a
boot_reset              OFF
bootdef_dev             dka0.
booted_dev              dka400.
booted_osflags          a
bus_probe_algorithm     old
char_set                0
console                 graphics
control_disfd           enable
control_idema           enable
control_irq11           scsi
control_irq12           mouse
control_scsi_term       internal
controlp                on
enable_audit            ON
kbd_hardware_type       PCXAL
language                36
language_name           English(American)
license                 MU
mopv3_boot              OFF
os_type                 UNIX
pal                     VMS PALcode V5.56-2, OSF PALcode X1.46-2
pci_parity              off
pka0_disconnect         1
pka0_fast               1
pka0_host_id            7
quick_start             OFF
scsi_poll               ON
tga_sync_green          2
timer_tps               1
tt_allow_login          1
tty_dev                 0
version                 V6.2-2 Aug  7 1996 11:55:31

John Klos

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