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-current on DS1000A?

I've been running

NetBSD arwen.poofy.goof.com 4.99.25 NetBSD 4.99.25 (ARWEN) #2: Sun Jul 22 
17:51:27 PDT 2007  agrier%arwen.poofy.goof.com@localhost:/var/obj/ARWEN alpha

for almost a year, a little paranoid to go forward.  it's mostly stable,
but mlxctl broke a while back, and I still have vnlock issues when one
of the other NFS servers in my network goes down.  

hw.model = AlphaServer 1000A 5/400

anybody have any luck with -current on this machine before I spend a day
building and an evening swearing?

  Aaron J. Grier | "Not your ordinary poofy goof." | 

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