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Re: Self baked kernel panics

On Thu, Feb 07, 2008 at 01:26:44PM +0100, Ede Wolf wrote:
> However, I am not really sure what you mean by the 4.0 sources? I got mine 
> from CVS and thought that those are 4.0...
> Initial:
> cvs checkout -r netbsd-4 -P src
> update:
> cvs -t update -Pd

This is the head of the netbsd-4 branch, which has a few modifications
already applied after the 4.0 release. Maybe it is easier to try a GENERIC
kernel build from your source (to make sure it fails the same way). If it
does, it also has DDB included. When it enters that (the "db> " prompt),
type "bt" and report the output please.


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