Subject: Re: Looking for ev6 or later workstation..
To: None <>
From: Miles Nordin <carton@Ivy.NET>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/17/2007 11:41:56
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>>>>> "eef" == Erik E Fair <> writes:

   eef> fanless power supply, and a large (but slow speed) case fan

didn't some of the alpha chips have bolts melded right into the die
top?  I think the alphaserver 800 did.  That would make using a peecee
heatsink impossible.  Maybe the later chips didn't, though.  If no
bolts and the same socket as some AMD chip, I guess there's a chance
to mount a water-cooling clip.  but having no thermometer, or having a
machine thermometer but no CPU thermometer, would make this harder
than a normal casemod.

Also the power supplies tend to have extra pins on extra strange plugs
separate from the ATX connector, so I don't know if you can quiet the
cheap chinese one they give you.  You may be stuck with it to get
their weird connector.

We have so many of them in one spot that we need a 24" box fan to keep
that area of the apartment below 80F, so for us it doesn't matter how
quiet the individual machines are.  The box fan is loud.  and it wears
out every 1.5 years.

   eef> Two of the DEC systems I have, the Personal Work Station
   eef> (PWS), and the DigitalServer 3305 (which is a rebadged
   eef> AlphaServer 800) have large CPU heat sinks, and ducting to
   eef> make sure that air flows over those heat sinks as moved by the
   eef> large case fans, rather than CPU fans.

that's good!  The DS10 variant I have (a 4"-high desktop slab) has a
traditional peecee thinfan on the heatsink.

   eef> Unfortunately, Alpha CPUs were optimized for speed, not for
   eef> power consumption or heat production

pft.  so is everything faster than a stinksys router.  Alpha were only
unusual in that regard when they were released.  After them was an
avalanche of power-guzzling.  Even the high-end _powermacs_ had
water-cooling right?  Our apartment's winter ConEd bill is $500 - $600
(~$0.20/kWh).  and more than double in the summer.  :(

   eef> I'm using a PC164 (500 MHz) as my house router.

I'm using a pws433 miata as a home router with adaptec quad-tulip
cards, and it sucks.  It can't quite forward 100Mbit/s.  at least it
keeps running though.

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