Subject: Re: Continued problems with SMP on NetBSD/alpha
To: Port Alpha Mailinglist <>
From: Anders Hogrelius <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/17/2007 10:04:58
Even 3.1 doesn't seem stable enough for a machine under heavy load. My 
server has crashed two days in a row when under heavy IO so I'll have to 
go back to running it with a single CPU kernel. -Some things that I have 
noted and seem to be due to some bug in the interrupt handling.
With the SMP kernel I get stray IRQ's on interrupt 1, I can't use a IDE 
cdrom at the same time I have SCSI disks attached as the SCSI driver hangs 
when probing the disks, I get Silo Overflows from the serial port driver 
if it is used and finally crashes when under heavy IO.

None of these problems occur with a single CPU kernel. Unfortunately the 
server is located in a place where I can't get to the console. Thus the 
lack of kernel debug messages from the crashes...

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