Subject: Free Alpha (DS10 et al) memory in Silicon Valley, USA
To: None <>
From: Steve Rikli <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/06/2007 17:22:59
I have a few sets of Alpha memory, pulled from a dead GS160 which
was scrapped, and a trio of DS10 which were unfortunately trashed
before I could rescue them.  :(

However, at least the memory from the above stuff was saved, so I'd
like to offer what's left to NetBSD folks -- all I ask in return is
shipping repayment.

From the GS160:

  - 8 sticks of what looks like cache RAM to me; these are
    168pin PC100-ish looking DIMMs, with part# 54-25023-BA A01

  - ~20 sticks of 256MB 100MHz CL2 ECC Reg, Infineon Alpha
    memory, part# 20-01DSA-08

A sticker on the back of both types reads "TESTED FREMONT MFG." if that
means anything to anyone.

From the DS10's:

  - 12 sticks of 128MB 100MHz CL2 ECC Alpha memory,
    part# 20-01CSA-08

  - 2 sticks of 64MB ECC Alpha memory, SEC part# KMM379S803AT-G0

The DS10's had some of those 256MB modules too, but most came from
the GS160.  I've used those in DS10 & DS20 with equal success, FWIW.

The memory is all located in Silicon Valley USA, and I'd like to give
it away in 4-stick packetss or so, just to avoid shipping too many
little envelopes around.  NetBSD developers get first dibs.

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