Subject: Re: gigabit ethernet cards
To: None <>
From: Dieter <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/06/2006 10:30:20
>> Does anyone else have a SC-SATG11 in an Alpha?  Or a RealTek 8169S
>> on a different board in a Alpha?
> I don't know about SC-SATG11, but RTL8169S works for me on EB164.

Thanks.  I had checked to make sure that NetBSD supported the 8169S
before buying the card, but it is nice to know that it actually works
on Alpha.

> I guess SRM can't handle multi-function PCI boards properly since
> I had also a trouble with a vge(4)+ehch(4)+ieee1394(4) combo card.
> (only the first function device is initilized, it seems)

I used to have a combo USB & Firewire card in the 164lx and SRM
dealt with it okay.  I since moved that card to a FreeBSD box
in order to actually use the Firewire.

When I say that SRM got confused by the SC-SATG11, I mean that the
164lx's onboard PATA controller no longer works in DMA mode.
And PIO mode is of course pathetic.  Removing the SC-SATG11
didn't fix it.  Trying all the reset functions I could find in
SRM didn't fix it.

BTW, NetBSD does see the RealTek 8169S, but will not boot if
it is configured: