Subject: Re: gigabit ethernet cards
To: None <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/05/2006 18:29:00
At Sun, 3 Dec 2006 22:44:11 -0500, wrote:
> What models have you tested with NetBSD/alpha?

We did a fair bit of testing of various cards before we settled on the
dual-port Intel one shown below.  Some of the saga was posted to

Note this is with an ES40 and we're running a derivative of 1.6.2_STABLE.

We can apparently only use one port successfully at a time, but that
might be a bug in either the card or the driver.  Search for the details
in the archives.

wm0 at pci1 dev 3 function 0: Intel i82546GB 1000BASE-X Ethernet, rev. 3
wm0: interrupting at dec 6600 irq 32
wm0: Ethernet address 00:04:23:a8:79:28
wm0: 1000baseSX, 1000baseSX-FDX, auto
wm1 at pci1 dev 3 function 1: Intel i82546GB 1000BASE-X Ethernet, rev. 3
wm1: interrupting at dec 6600 irq 33
wm1: Ethernet address 00:04:23:a8:79:28
wm1: 1000baseSX, 1000baseSX-FDX, auto

We are running it with all its checksum offloading capabilities enabled:

        address: 00:04:23:a8:79:28
        media: Ethernet autoselect (1000baseSX full-duplex)
        status: active

The following card doesn't work, though if it could be made to work then
there was some idea that it might have a slightly better profile under
high small-packet loads but I can't say for sure as I couldn't test it.

Broadcom BCM5703X 10/100/1000 Ethernet (ethernet network, revision 0x02) at pci1 dev 6 function 0 not configured

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