Subject: Re: reliability of SMP on alpha
To: Ray Phillips <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/18/2006 15:11:51
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At Fri, 8 Sep 2006 18:17:11 +1000,
Ray Phillips wrote:
> Can anyone comment on how well NetBSD runs on alphas with more than
> one CPU now, please?  I'm wondering since a quad 667 MHz ES40 has
> appeared on ebay.  There were some messages in late July last year
> saying Michael and Jason had fixed the stability problems it had, so
> I suppose it's rock solid by now?  Are the fixes in NetBSD 3.0.1?

1.6.x, with the various stability patches, is very solid, though still
not 100% perfect, on the various multi-processor boxes I'm running (4000
(off now, but had 2 cpus), 4100 with 3 cpus, ES40 with 4 cpus).  The
ES40 has run for as long as 140 days under constant moderate load with
Cyrus IMAP, Smail SMTP, and Apache HTTP being the primary applications.

I'm still working on integrating my changes with the netbsd-3 tree and
so I'm not sure yet if all the stability patches are in there already or
not (or had missed the netbsd-3 branch and haven't been pulled up), but
I'm assuming they are there since most (though perhaps not all) of the
ones I applied to my local netbsd-1-6 tree were taken from CVS and that
would have happened sometime before the netbsd-3 branch.  However if any
of the related PRs are still open then the latest changes suggested in
those PRs may not yet be committed.  Michael and Jason are probably the
two people who'll know the most about any as-yet uncommitted changes.

						Greg A. Woods

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