Subject: Re: Follow-up: PWS 600au not netbooting from linux
To: Andrew Stribblehill <>
From: Uwe Lienig <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/24/2005 11:16:44
Andrew Stribblehill wrote:
> Quoting Uwe Lienig <> (2005-11-23 14:59:39 GMT):
>>Hi all,
>>I couldn't get the alpha to net boot off the linux system. I've no idea 
>>why. As noted, there wasn't even an indication of any traffic to the 
>>tftp port. I think this would at least indicat that the BOOTREPLY from 
>>the linux dhcp server has been correctly decoded.
>>In the end I made three boot floppies. This worked. Installation was 
>>made via NFS mount.
>>>>>>>>Uwe Lienig writes:
>>>Uwe> I try to net boot a 600au [...]
>>>Uwe> tcpdump doesn't even show a request to the tftp port.
>>>Uwe> The SRM shows: Sending BOOTP packet ..file open failed for
>>>Uwe> ewa0/
>>>This sounds exactly like what I saw on a 500AU a while ago. As long as
>>>the SRM was in control the builtin tlp-card worked fine but as soon as
>>>the NetBSD boot block took over nothing ever left the card. I don't
>>>remember the details but I googled a little on and draw the
>>>conclusion that it migh be some problem with the PHY.
> I had a similar problem and was advised by someone in the NetBSD
> community to upgrade my SRM. Reluctantly and disbelievingly, I did
> this and it subsequently netbooted perfectly. That said, I don't
> think it was broadcasting DHCP or RARP at all in my case, initially.
I think that I've upgraded the SRM to the latest version. I can see the 
BOOTREQUEST from the 600au on the dchp server, in the dhcp server log 
and in the tcpdump log. And the dhcp server sends out the BOOTREPLY 
packet. But then nothing happens.

The same machine booted off a dhcp server on a NetBSD-1.6 (not sure 
about the exact version) without problems.

I have no idea why.



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