Subject: Free AlphaServer 1200 available for pick-up in San Francisco
To: NetBSD/alpha Discussion List <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/31/2005 21:09:05

I originally posted about this back in May, had a few nibbles, but no  
one followed through to pick it up, so here it goes again...

Free AlphaServer 1200 available for pick-up in San Francisco.   
Multiprocessor EV56 + MCPCIA system w/ 1G of memory, a built-in  
StorageWorks-compatible disk shelf, and plenty of disks installed.   
One processor board is currently installed, and I have a second one  
ready to go in (the other original processor board let out its magic  
smoke a couple of years ago -- that board is also included).

As an added bonus, you get whatever PCI / EISA cards are currently  
installed in it.  There is also an ECU disk in the floppy drive.

This machine is heavy, so I will not ship it, and I will not deliver  
it.  I *WILL* need help getting it out of my attic (it took 2 people  
to get it up there, and will certainly take 2 to get it down).  For  
whoever picks it up, I will provide liquid refreshment (beer,  
preferably :-) as well as sandwiches from Yellow Submarine or  
burritos from L'Avenida Taqueria after the beast has been relocated  
to your car / truck / van / whatever.

TIME IS LIMITED!  I bought a new house, and I have other uses for the  
space that this machine would otherwise occupy.  That means -- either  
someone picks it up, or I have the movers take it to a raw materials  

The drop-dead date for this machine being out of my attic is NOVEMBER  
16, 2005!

-- thorpej