Subject: Re: ezm3 for alpha and sgimips (mipseb)
To: Havard Eidnes <>
From: Pavel Cahyna <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/08/2005 23:53:37
On Sat, 08 Oct 2005 22:47:25 +0200, Havard Eidnes wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm pleased to announce the initial result of porting of John
> Polstra's ezm3 Modula-3 compiler, version 1.2, to two new NetBSD
> targets: alpha and big-endian MIPS.
> The target must run NetBSD 2.0 or higher.
> ezm3 is commonly used to compile CVSup, and I've verified that
> the resulting compilers produces working versions of cvsup on
> both of the above two new targets.
> The source diff and the bootstrap kits for alpha and mipseb can
> be found on

Thank you very much for this effort, I would like to have CVSup on alpha.
But your patch doesn't work - if I unpack the original ezm distribution 
and apply your patch in ezm3-1.2 directory, all files with should be
created in not yet existing directories are created in the ezm3-1.2
directory itself instead, and those directories are not created:

ezm3-1.2$ ls
COPYRIGHT                 Uerror.i3.orig            UsignalMD.i3
COPYRIGHT.orig            Uexec.i3                  UsignalMD.i3.orig
Csetjmp.i3                Uexec.i3.orig             UsignalMD.m3
Csetjmp.i3.orig           Ugrp.i3                   UsignalMD.m3.orig
Csetjmp.m3                Ugrp.i3.orig              Usocket.i3
Csetjmp.m3.orig           Uin.i3                    Usocket.i3.orig
Csignal.i3                Uin.i3.orig               Ustat.i3
Csignal.i3.orig           Uin.m3                    Ustat.i3.orig
Cstdio.i3                 Uin.m3.orig               Usyslog.i3
Cstdio.i3.orig            Uipc.i3                   Usyslog.i3.orig
Cstdio.m3                 Uipc.i3.orig              Utime.i3
Cstdio.m3.orig            Umman.i3                  Utime.i3.orig
CstdioC.c                 Umman.i3.orig             Utypes.i3
CstdioC.c.orig            Umsg.i3                   Utypes.i3.orig
Cstring.i3                Umsg.i3.orig              Utypes.m3
Cstring.i3.orig           Umsg.m3                   Utypes.m3.orig
INSTALL.html              Umsg.m3.orig              Uugid.i3
NetBSD-Notes.txt          Unetdb.i3                 Uugid.i3.orig
NetBSD-Notes.txt.orig     Unetdb.i3.orig            Uuio.i3
Porting-Notes.txt         Unetdb.m3                 Uuio.i3.orig
Porting-Notes.txt.orig    Unetdb.m3.orig            Uutmp.i3
README                    Unix.i3                   Uutmp.i3.orig
RTHeapDep.m3              Unix.i3.orig              dtoa.c
RTHeapDep.m3.orig         Uprocess.i3               dtoa.c.orig
RTHeapDepC.c              Uprocess.i3.orig          graphics
RTHeapDepC.c.orig         Upwd.i3                   language
RTMachine.i3              Upwd.i3.orig              libs
RTMachine.i3.orig         Uresource.i3              m3config
RTSignal.m3               Uresource.i3.orig         m3makefile
RTSignal.m3.orig          Usem.i3                   m3makefile.orig
RTThread.m3               Usem.i3.orig              malloc.c
RTThread.m3.orig          Ushm.i3                   malloc.c.orig
RTThreadC.c               Ushm.i3.orig              network
RTThreadC.c.orig          Usignal.i3                off_t_wrap.c
Udir.i3                   Usignal.i3.orig           off_t_wrap.c.orig
Udir.i3.orig              Usignal.m3                src
Uerror.i3                 Usignal.m3.orig           text

I am invoking patch as:
ezm3-1.2$ patch < ../ezm3-1.2-NetBSD2-r01.diff

So, how I should apply the patch, please?