Subject: ezm3 for alpha and sgimips (mipseb)
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/08/2005 22:47:25

I'm pleased to announce the initial result of porting of John
Polstra's ezm3 Modula-3 compiler, version 1.2, to two new NetBSD
targets: alpha and big-endian MIPS.

The target must run NetBSD 2.0 or higher.

ezm3 is commonly used to compile CVSup, and I've verified that
the resulting compilers produces working versions of cvsup on
both of the above two new targets.

The source diff and the bootstrap kits for alpha and mipseb can
be found on

For pointers to ezm3 itself, please see

I've also left some code in there from some stalled or failed
attempts at porting ezm3 to amd64, m68k and sparc64.  (Some of
this code is now incomplete.)  The file NetBSD-Notes.txt which
will appear once the source diff is applied contains some more
details about the status for each of the various NetBSD targets
which there is code for in ezm3 + the patch.  Assistance in
getting the problems resolved would be appreciated.

Best regards,

- H=E5vard