Subject: Re: More Re: 2.0 alpha kernel build question
To: None <>
From: bob smith <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/27/2005 19:30:23
Pavel Cahyna wrote:

>Are you sure you have the 2.0 kernel sources and not -current?
>Bye	Pavel
Thanks Pavel,
I am not going to say I am sure of anything other than:
1. I get the same symptom when I use the 2.0 release ISO image and 
install from that as I do when I download and use the set Michael Kukat 
made available.. This I am sure of. And if no one else is having any 
problems building new kernels, it must be me and my fumbling with the 
build process.
2. I can't find a more recent binary than what Michael put together. 
Given he built a new kernel for 21164a, and he was successful, must be 
someitng I am doing wrong. I have done setuff wrong before, so ...
3. I think it must be somehting I am doing wrong, I am going to try what 
Johan suggested.
and see what I can do.

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