Subject: two 164LX questions (HW and SRM maybe)
To: None <>
From: bob smith <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/24/2005 11:29:56
1. I am getting some errors that seem to be cache related - machine
checks, 630, allways seem to be the same rest of the bits.... ECC 
but ... is this just a hint of what is coming when the ECC dies? I had 
box doing this same kind of thing on FreeBSD, but when I loaded 1.6.2, the
problem stopped, so I am hopeing it is just the OS diffs.

2. Been a good while since I did anying to change my working 1.6.2 
Upgrading to 2.0, including moving 2.0 on my one lone RH 6.2 system. I seem
to recall it would not boot 1.5 from CD.  I stuck RH6.2 on it.    I am 
getting a boot
failure.  seems to fail on secondary boot, can't find the file. I am 
running SRM 5.6 from
99 on this box, but hav this nagging feeling that it might have the 
wrong firmware or
something. I get the SRM prompt, al lthe SRM commands work, but ..
and of course, I have used 3 different CD Drives, all known good, and 
cleaned the
lenses on them, and used the same cd media to install 2.0 on other boxes.

any hints or thoughts appreciated greatly

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