Subject: a serious XFree86 trouble
To: None <>
From: RMH <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/05/2005 02:30:34
Hello gentlemen,

although my question is somewhat off-topic, I haven't found a
better place to ask. The problem is, that I'm unable to
launch XFree86-4.4.0 on AlphaPC 164LX with NetBSD 2.0.

I have tried various VGA cards, kernel and X builds, wscons
configurations, no help. I have read thoroughly the
documentation supplied, manpages, source code, etc. So, my
kernel was configured with options XSERVER, INSECURE, and all
WSDISPLAY_COMPAT_*. I have left ttyE7 unused (by getty), and
set "-" instead of "vt100" for that tty in wscons.conf.
X builds like a charm, with wscons and pcvt support. I believe
that XF86Config is all right. When I launch, say, "X :0 vt8",
with or without other options, it switches to ttyE7, and either
hangs up the system (with "vga" driver), or reboots immediately
(with any other driver). From XFree86.0.log I see that wscons
was used in pcvt compatibility mode, the hardware was probed
successfully, and initial memory mappings were done.

I also have FreeBSD 4.10 installed on that machine, and I'm able
to use X with Trident and S3 Vision968 cards, or with anything
else in VGA mode. So, the hardware seems be of no trouble.

Is there anything I've missed? Please, give me a hint.


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