Subject: Re: 2.0 on DEC3000 drops to debugger if console is not connected
To: Michael Smith <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/29/2004 17:00:04
On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 09:08:43 +0000
Michael Smith <> wrote:

> I have installed NetBSD 2.0 on one of my DEC3000 systems. I have
> connected the modular console cable to a pc, which is being used as a
> terminal.
> If I start the system with the console connected everything goes OK.
> But if I start with the pc turned off, or with the console cable
> disconnected the system goes to a debugger prompt during startup.
> eg:
> db> trace
> cpu_Debugger() at netbsd:cpu_Debugger+0x4
> zstty_stint() at netbsd:zstty_stint+0x300
Most likely the PeeCee sends a break becuse its serial port isn't
initialized. This is detected in the zstty driver and the driver calls
the Debugger =3D=3D ddb(4). Jumping to ddb(4) upon reception of a break is
the usual way to react to a break on the console.

If you prepare your Alpha to boot right into NetBSD upon power up /
reset and if you have configured the network (IP number, sshd(8)
enabled), unconnect the console cable at the Alpha. It should just work.
If you connect the console later and the machine jumps into ddb(4)
because there was a break, type "c" (short for "continue") <Return> and
the machine should continue to run where it was stoped.