Subject: Re: '-mcpu=21264a' for kernel compile?
To: Hiroshi Hakoyama <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/14/2004 12:36:10
Hi !

> On 2004/12/12, at 20:01, Michael Kukat wrote:
>> I use -mcpu=ev56 on my Miata since a while, i even compiled the whole
>> 2.0
>> userland with this. No problems so far. Just try it :)
> For 21264a CPU, I have compiled a kernel with -mcpu=ev56, however it
> also shows kernel panics and errors like "internal compiler error:
> Segmentation fault" during a kernel compile.  Frequency of the
> "internal compile error" increased for a kernel with ev56 flag,
> comparing with a kernel with no extra flag.

ouch. This sounds to me like some kind of hardware issue. I built the complete
2.0 release with -mcpu=ev56, installed it on one of my Miatas and built
several packages, beyond them KDE 3.3, xfce4 and several smaller things. I
didn't get any ICEs here. Maybe this 21264a machine has another chipset bug,
which is triggered by those CPU optimizations? The EV56 optimizations seem to
work in general.


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