Subject: Re: Fixes for TGA driver in XFree86
To: Roland C. Dowdeswell <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/30/2004 15:07:05
Hi !

>>Hm. As the "palette garbling" looks slightly different in XFree86 and
>>XdecNetBSD, it could be that something broke there. If i touch this, i'll
>> have
>>a look into. The goal is to fix this problem in both variants, XFree86 and
> Hmmm, you might try XalphaNetBSD with the -noaccel option.  ISTR
> that there were issues with the PWS433au and some of the accelerations
> on some of these cards.

I already tried. My usual behaviour in case of problems is to disable
everything like acceleration and so :) But the 24bit card absolutely doesn't
work clean. It uses the IBM DAC. The Bt485-equipped 8bit variants work fine.

> XdecNetBSD should already have rectangle copy acceleration which
> I found to be the most important for my uses.  You probably don't
> have to get all of the accelerations moved across to obtain reasonable
> performance.

Hm. My test was scrolling text in an xterm, and i think this should use rect
copying. And is was definitely slower than XFree86 on an 8bit tga. Even
without disabling acceleration explicitly. But have to check this in detail.
But for all this work i have to wait for NetBSD 2.0-RELEASE build complete on
the other Miata. Or for the day when the release is officially downloadable :)

> I did get XalphaNetBSD working with -zaphod, which is the predecessor
> to Xinerama.  I think that there's an e-mail in the archives where
> I describe how I did it (on this mailing list, many years ago.)
> There were a couple of odd steps like mknod'ing /dev/ttyF0, etc.

Ah okay. Will hunt for this. I personally don't like Xinerama, i tend to use
multiple Displays. Can't move windows around this way, but nothing hangs
"between" displays or resizes over all 3 TFTs.


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