Subject: Re: Fixes for TGA driver in XFree86
To: Roland C. Dowdeswell <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/30/2004 14:39:25

> They're supported with XdecNetBSD.  Although, I haven't used them
> since it was XalphaNetBSD---so perhaps something broke in the
> meantime.  I remember fixing a couple of odd issues which might
> be similar to this one.

Hm. As the "palette garbling" looks slightly different in XFree86 and
XdecNetBSD, it could be that something broke there. If i touch this, i'll have
a look into. The goal is to fix this problem in both variants, XFree86 and

> Heh, the performance was never quite optimal yes.  I can't try the
> cards any more, since I don't have my machines at my current place.
> But, remember that the TGA series was specifically designed to
> allow a userspace application to mmap(2) in the registers in the
> right ways and securely access them while still having the kernel
> broker access to things like DMA.  Many i386 cards are not designed
> to allow this sort of thing to work...  (Or, what I'm saying is
> that it should be possible to accelerate XdecNetBSD to full speed.)

I don't think the card is somewhat bad or so, i use 2 PS3D30 in my main
workstation, besides the PBXGK (ELSA Gloria Synergy), so this is a place where
i need XFree86 to support this mixed setup. The TGAs are not VGAENabled, they
are just for my "xterm/xchat screens". I think, such a mixed setup would be
too hard to implement mainly on kernel level. But as my other Miata currently
uses the PS4D20 (or so), i'm definitely interested in the kernel-supported
solution. So i'll get my fingers in there if i find the time. This card is a
candidate for the main box, if it works. Maybe i can move the acceleration
stuff from XFree86 to XdecNetBSD, the performance difference currently is
remarkably large. And as XdecNetBSD is part of the official releases (at least
it was in 2.0RC4), working on this can't be bad. I think of Multias and other
machines which just come with those old TGAs and setups which simply don't
need the bloat of a full-featured XFree86. Did you ever test multi-head with
XdecNetBSD? The server knows about options line Xinerama IIRC. I had some
problems with keymaps and so (yes, i use german layout at home :), have to
dive a bit deeper into all this. But you definitely made me interested in
having XdecNetBSD work more comfortable and don't consider it obsolete :)


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