Subject: Re: Fixes for TGA driver in XFree86
To: Roland C. Dowdeswell <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/30/2004 06:29:05
Hi !

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Roland C. Dowdeswell wrote:
> The 4D20 should work, I added support for it years ago.  I do not
> recall any pallette issues that I didn't address, and I used the
> card for about a year on my primary workstation (a PWS433au.)  I

Hm. _HOW_ are there cards supported then? XdecNetBSD? Can't be XFree86, because
this fiddles around directly with the cards. And those palette Problems were
there with XFree86 and XdecNetBSD. You don't see it in a twm session with some
xterms, but try starting KDE and you see what i mean :)

I don't know what exactly the problem is, but it seems that the more colors you
need, the more palette entries are set to some gray value.

> I generally prefer the kernel approach since I don't like having
> to let XF86 grovel my hardware---it's bad for security, and you

For security, it's definitely a good approach this way. Bot not for
flexibility. I will have a look at the kernel stuff, now knowing about this,
but due to the "performance" of the cards with XdecNetBSD, i don't think
someone has fun with this using the machine as workstation as i do. So XFree86
is, at least for the flexibility of supporting lots of cards, the better
approach for users using the machine as desktop workstation. For servers not
having to use different framebuffers, the kernel approach is okay, as you can
finally disable the INSECURE flag (at least i think you can, if you don't need
XFree86 :), and let the kernel handle all your hardware, like it always should
have been.


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