Subject: Re: Fixes for TGA driver in XFree86
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/28/2004 11:28:12
Hi !

> okay, i started fiddling around now. Current first improvement in the tga
> driver in XFree86 (tested on NetBSD/alpha 2.0RC4):

The patches can be found here:

Gets correct clock settings according to XFree86 modeline selection
RAMDAC programming didn't really work, this is currently hacked by me, so sync
timings and polarity will be correctly set.
A new Option "BlankPedestal" (bool) comes in, which enables/disables the
7.5 IRE blank bedestal (default off, and should be off to conform to VESA
specifications i think)

Now the image is much better on TFTs, the only remaining problems are the
not-so-good quality output of the TGA and of course the only 8bit color of my

Not seen any yet, but i think returning to testmode can make trouble, and the
new Option BlankBedestal is also not yet tested, but should work.

It's a hack for now, and maybe it just works with Bt485 RAMDACs, but i would
like to hear if it works in other configurations, to clean up this and feed it
to XFree86 if everything looks nice to me.


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