Subject: Re: making firefox LP64 clean
To: Greg A. Woods <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/27/2004 20:23:18
Hi !

On Sat, 27 Nov 2004, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> I have never seen mozilla, or any other web browser, behave anything
> like what you desribe except when.....

Hm. I didn't really analyze the problem in depth, maybe there was other
influence on the machine giving those effects, maybe even X related, as this
was the time where i played around with X a while and had funny other problems
that time.

> OH!  Are you running NetBSD-1.6.2 or 1.6.2_STABLE (i.e. are you running
> the release, or a build done since May from the netbsd-1-6 branch)?

It's 2.0RC4 from releng.

> I never saw any of those when I was running mozilla 1.6 -- at least not
> on the alpha.

Hm. Also not always reproducable. When i copied this into the mail, i got
unlimited of those messages (until i sent CtrlC), but a run just some seconds
ago didn't show up the free() problem again.

Hm... testing something else. No. Can't reproduce it currently.

> with something this big and complex.....  Maybe it's even my use of
> "OPTIM = -O2 -mno-soft-float -mcpu=21164a"....  Maybe I should try using
> "GCC_REQD = 3.3".... (maybe even in /etc/mk.conf)



This is set here. But it doesn't seem to be used wverywhere.


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