Subject: XFree86 and TGA2
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/23/2004 22:24:36

okay, finally, i have my Miata running quite nice:

1 ELSA Gloria Synergy
2 PowerStorm 3D30 (TGA2)
connected to 3 cheap 19" TFT displays :)

Everything is running with NetBSD 2.0RC4 and home-built xscr to get support for
all those cards. The following problems occured with this:

1) The routine to look up matching clockchip programming for a resolution is
quite a dirty hack. There should not only be a scan for H/V resolution but also
for vertical frequency. So all table entries could be present at the same time,
and one has a chance to get the 60Hz for TFTs without recompiling the xsrc tree
:) Okay, i used hexedit to change the table in the binary :) What is the best
place to address hints/patches for this? Here or directly to XFree?

2) The image quality of the TGA2 is not really the finest. For me it looks like
the video signals are a bit too high, as black is not really black and white is
much brighter than from the ELSA. And there are some strange stripes and
something which looks like echos (but left of the real signal, not right as
usual). Does someone know if the TGA cards have different video signal
impedances? Did someone has experience with soldering some resistors to the
output or other tweaks to get this working a bit more useful?

Besides this... works fine. Center display is 24bit with the ELSA, left and
right in 8bit for xchat, vi, shells and so. All this is running KDE 3.3, really
fine setup now.

Looking forward for NetBSD 2.0 to be released soon :)


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