Subject: somewhat ot: looking dec multia help
To: None <>
From: bart sikkes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/08/2004 20:19:47

if there is a better place to ask for help then i havent found it, i
saw a mutlia owner list but that seemed dead for about a year now.
please point me to it if there is a better place.

i recently acquired a dec multia and it doesnt really seem to work. i
have done some searching and found it could be the battery. there
already was a non standard battery in there so it already ran out once
i assume.

but i also read the owners manual and counted the flashes the
diagnostic LED gives. that was 14 times, which appears to point into
the direction of a memory issue.

For VX41 and VX42 models, first replace the cache SIMM (page 56). If
this does not fix the problem, continue with the recommended action
for VX40 models.
For VX40 models, replace memory modules (SIMMs) (page 55) until no
failure occurs. If replacing the SIMMs does not fix the problem,
replace the system board (page 71).

based on the fact that i dont seem able to replace my processor i
assume i got a VX40 right? there is a heatsink on the processor
attached with two bolts but no lever on the side.

what would the wise thing to do now, just try a new battery? (i have
seen remarks on old part numbers and such, but living in the
netherlands we dont have a radioshack, is it ok to just use some 4.5
volt battery or are there other things to pay attention to?)

i also read some mixed reports on being able to boot with or without
the battery. could i just do some testing (on the memory for example)
with the battery disconnected or do i have be sure to have a working
battery because else the error led signal could be caused by no

thanks for any help available,