Subject: Re: NetBSD 2.0 RC4 alpha - where is /sbin/ldconfig?
To: Michael Kukat <>
From: Nathan J. Williams <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/16/2004 14:31:03
Michael Kukat <> writes:

> is there some special reason why NetBSD/alpha doesn't come with
> /sbin/ldconfig in 2.0 RC versions? There is an init script in
> /etc/rc.d/ldconfig, but /sbin/ldconfig isn't present in the sets
> from releng for RC2 and RC4.

The ldconfig program is only useful or necessary on NetBSD systems
using a.out shared libraries. It is included with the one architecture
that stills uses a.out by default (ns32k) and some architectures that
currently use ELF shared libraries but formerly used a.out (arm, i386,
m68k, sparc, vax), to support applications that are still linked
against those libraries.

NetBSD/Alpha, along with many other ports, has never used a.out shared
libraries, and so has never needed /sbin/ldconfig. It hasn't been
built since at least NetBSD 1.4.

The /etc/rc.d/ldconfig script doesn't do anything if /sbin/ldconfig is
missing, so it shouldn't be a problem.

        - Nathan