Subject: Re: building release from 2.0RC_2 failed
To: None <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/03/2004 12:09:56
[ On Saturday, October 2, 2004 at 23:21:32 (+0200), Kurt Schreiner wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: building release from 2.0RC_2 failed
> On Sat, Oct 02, 2004 at 11:02:45PM +0200, I (Kurt) wrote:
> > 
> > I tried to cross-build a release of 2.0 cvs update-ed yesterday
> > on i386 for alpha and got the following:
> > 
> > [....]
> > SMALLPROG=1 MAKE=/u/NetBSD/release/2.x/arch/alpha/TOOLS/bin/nbmake /u/NetBSD/release/2.x/arch/alpha/
> > TOOLS/bin/nbcrunchgen -f -D /u/NetBSD/release/2.x/src  -L /u/NetBSD/release/2.x/arch/alpha/dest/usr/
> > lib -q  ramdiskbin.conf
> > ramdiskbin.conf: chown: error: no objpaths specified or calculated.
> > ramdiskbin.conf: chown: ignoring program because of errors.
> > Run "make -f objs exe" to build crunched binary.
> > [....]
> After looking a little closer at what's going on, I replaced
> "MAKE=/u/NetBSD/release/2.x/arch/alpha/TOOLS/bin/nbmake"
> with
> "MAKE=/u/NetBSD/release/2.x/arch/alpha/TOOLS/bin/nbmake-alpha"
> so that the correct environment is set... and the problem is gone.
> Maybe thats not the right thing to do, but might point in the right
> direction?

well, sort of, but if the above lines were coming from a run
then the environment should already have been set correctly and it
wouldn't need to re-invoke the wrapper script.

However if you were manually running just one sub-part of the build and
you started it with "nbmake" instead of "nbmake-alpha", then yes that
would explain the problem.

You also wrote:
> > 
> > Starting " ... release" againg "fixed" this somehow,
> > i.e. doesn't fail again but finishes successfull?!? Hm "...chown:
> > error..." - the build is not done as root, but under

Yes, "" writes the nbmake-alpha wrapper script and then uses it
as appropriate so if you re-run it then it should make things work again.

If you want to re-build something in one directory after you've already
run "" and it has mostly worked, you can do so in a way similar
to the way you might have done prior to "" being implemented by
simply using the wrapper script instead of plain "make" or "nbmake"
(along with whatever command-line parameters are appropriate).

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