Subject: Multia heat death question
To: None <>
From: Thoren Mcdole <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/27/2004 01:38:01
I have recently obtained a multia, and it seems to be exhibiting problems 
typical of the apparently common 74F623 heat death issue. It doesn't
behave the same way twice between power cycles. The NetBSD multia faq
indicates that the 74F623 chip in question is on the bottom of the board,
and a post on the multia list[1] indicated similar and further stated it
was chip E215. I have the 233 MHz version of the multia (board numbers
5024104-01 B1 and 5424105) and I have 2 74F623D's on the underside of the
system board, designated E2000 and E2001. E215 is on the TOP side of my
system board, and is a 74F623D as are chips E2002-E2007.  Chip E231 
appears to have gotten a bit toasty, but it is a 74ACT244.

Does the 233 version of the multia have the same heat death problems?
What is the silk screen designation of the chip in question if it isn't