Subject: DEC Alpha parts, API CS20, Dual 667MHz ATX, Memory and Drive sleds
To: None <>
From: Stephen Jones <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/20/2004 19:11:41
I've got a number of DEC/Compaq/API ALPHA components that we're 
'freeing up' at the moment.
If you are in need of a specific component, let me know ..

The API CS20 (considered non-working) has been listed on ebay 

I've got memory and 4 drive sleds for a DEC Alpha 3000.  I am unsure 
how many megs of
memory as I swapped out the working RAM for larger RAM on that 
particular machine about
3 years ago.  The sleds are new and complete.

I've got two full Storage Works arrays populated with 36.4GB fujitsu 
drives which were purchased
new on less than 2 years ago which will be available hopefully in a 
month or so.  (14 disks total)
I have one available now that is full populated with 9.1GB drives .. 
all cables included.

I've got lots and lots SBB blanks I'll give away for postage.

I've got an ATX UP1000 motherboard with dual 667MHz 264DP Alpha CPUs 
and 1GB of RAM.
(probably end up listing this one)

24GB DDS3 STD224000N Seagate DAT drive (great working condition)

Email me if you have any questions .. make offers .. et cetera