Subject: Daily (if buildable) MAIN and 2-0 release builds available
To: None <,,>
From: User Staylor <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/16/2004 00:06:16

I've been building both MAIN and 2-0 releases for over a month now and
have been making them available via FTP.  I'm broadcasting this now in
case others have need for them.

The following releases with full sets and CDROM images are built daily 
(when they are actually buildable):

	alpha, amd64, hp300, sgimips, sparc, sparc64 and vax

I'm currently building both MAIN and 2-0 branches.  I'm considering 
dropping the MAIN branch builds, though, unless there's any interest.
I can build other platforms upon request--the only reason I build the
above-listed platforms is because those are the only machines I actually
have hardware to test on (aside from i386, which certainly doesn't
need my attention).

Please feel free to drop me an email if you feel any of these are useful to you
and would like me to continue with the daily releases.

Otherwise, I'll back off from builds that I don't use myself regularly--
particularly the MAIN branch builds.

And if you need a release built from any other platform, drop me a note as
well.   I can produce quite quickly once I read the email.

The repository is at

There are a couple of README files there describing the contents of the
directory and some specifics on how/what I build.