Subject: AlphaServer 800 5/333
To: None <>
From: aidan <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/15/2004 13:33:06
Hi there
Just after finding your email. I am looking to buy some of these units.
Wonder if you can tell me where I can get some more information on them

Aidan Gillespie

IMACS  Ltd  Ireland
Tel + +353-(0)66-976-2702
Mobile + 353-(0)86-803-5464

Subject: AlphaServer 800 5/333
To: None <>
From: Ernst du Toit <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/11/2003 11:37:53
Hi All

I've managed to rescue an AlphaServer 800 5/333 heading for the dumpster.
It was running some version of OSF on a graphics console. It also has a

Can anyone give some background on this machine? There seems to be little
mention of this model on the NetBSD site, I assume it's based on one of
the other models covered.

I see the RAID adapter is supported by the mlx driver, how do I go about
creating an array from scratch? I did not get any media with the box.

How do I go about getting going over a serial console? I assume the
firmware is expecting a graphic config right now.



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