Subject: Re: lockups with osf1_lib/communicator, mplayer/ogle
To: mel kravitz <>
From: Paul Mather <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/19/2003 13:14:29
On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 09:30:10AM -0500, mel kravitz wrote:

=> Upgraded to 1.6ZF, fresh install from, cvs src
=> on 11/14. Built tools and new 1.6ZF kernel, installed xsrc(4.2.1) from
=> stable 1.6T box used current package (pkgsrc) for install of osf1_lib
=> and communicator-any attempt to start communicator gives a hard lockup.
=> Built mplayer and ogle from src not pkgsrc..similar results. any one out
=> there using an alpha with current..1.6ZF.. any problems with osf1_lib 
=> emulation programs in userland with current? Is the ld.elf_so bug fix in
=> 1.6.1 stable?

I don't know if it's related, but I posted about getting a kernel
panic running a binary under COMPAT_OSF1 emulation with a NetBSD/alpha
1.6ZC kernel.  I didn't get any followups, so I don't know if the
problem is local to me.  I'm now at 1.6ZE, and haven't tried running
that binary since, so maybe I should try again.  My original message
is at




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