Subject: Re: I cannot install netbsd on an AlphaStation 400
To: None <>
From: Leo de Lange <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/08/2003 15:03:59
Hello All,

I followed Sean's advice:

>I would do the install again, and when it does that segfault, run stty sane
>then sync;umount -a -t ffs (to sync and unmount the filesystem(s) you just
>installed to) That might help.

The stty sane command was difficult, because nothing was echoed on 
the screen. Anyway, I rebooted and found a #-prompt. At this moment I 
can give the ls command, and pwd, but not much more, not even a man 
-command. And yes, I did give a $PATH command, and man should have 
been found. But this is all a matter of rtfm (I guess).

For now, thanks for all the advise, and I will be studying Netbsd for 
the coming months.

Leo de Lange
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