Subject: Alphastation 500 400MHz with Powerstorm 4d20
To: None <>
From: William Langford <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/06/2003 14:03:14

I've recently decided to dust off and start playing with an AS500 400MHz 
that also happens to have a Powerstorm 4d20.

I first installed linux (debian) with ease, but Xfree86 lacked drivers 
for the card....

Since I've seen several posts on NetBSD and the 4d20, I thought I would 
try it.  My initial attempts met with failure, however, as booting with 
the 4d20 would cause a switch to a black screen during the secondary 
boot loader.  I yanked the 4D20 out and stuck a S3 card in and 
successfully (joyfully ?) installed netbsd.  Yay. I've since then 
attempted to get the 4D20 to work a time or two, but with no success.  
I've tried changing wscon configuration to use only tga0 or vga0 
(instead of both) to no avail, etc.

I've heard of Roland Dowdeswell's work on getting the cards to work, but 
I've not seen any documentation on how to go about casting the right 
spell to make it happen :(.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.