Subject: Re: Can Promise Ultra133TX2 use on NetBSD/alpha?
To: Takehiro Sakagami <>
From: Felix Deichmann <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/29/2003 17:48:32
Takehiro Sakagami wrote:

> I will use UP1100, and Bootable SCSI disk on which SRM can 
> recognize SCSI interface.
> Also I want to use some IDE disk on Promise Ultra133TX2.
> Can Promise Ultra133TX2 use on NetBSD/alpha?

Well, my Promise Ultra100 TX2 does NOT work in my AXPpci33. I don't know 
why; Manuel Bouyer suggested that it could be sort of register setup 
which is done by the Promise BIOS on i386, but not on Alpha.
Or the Promise could have problems with the PCI mapping on some Alpha 

Manuel said that a card with HPT chip (e.g. Abit Hot Rod 100) might work 
better. Unfortunately he is on vacation now, so we could not try to fix 
my Promise problem on the Alpha :-)