Subject: Re: netboot DS10L versus CS20
To: Stephen M. Jones <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/28/2003 11:17:42
On Monday, July 28, 2003, at 09:47 AM, Stephen M. Jones wrote:

> Has anyone successfully netbooted a CS20?  I thought that the same 
> netboot
> and kernel image that would get a DS10L up would work with the CS20 (at
> least with 1.6.1 by now.. I know that the CS20 could not boot older 
> versions)
> If this is still the case, and someone has build an instkernel that 
> supports
> the CS20 (Matt?) let me know.. thanks!

I don't see what that wouldn't work.

> Broadcasting BOOTP Request...
> Received BOOTP Packet File Name is: /netboot
> local inet address:
> remote inet address:
> TFTP Read File Name: netbsd.gz
> netmask =
> Server is on same subnet as client.
> .........................................
> bootstrap code read in
> base = 200000, image_start = 0, image_bytes = 28ed33
> initializing HWRPB at 2000
> initializing page table at 3ff4c000
> initializing machine state
> setting affinity to the primary CPU
> jumping to bootstrap code

That doesn't look right.  It looks it's trying to boot from netbsd.gz 
netbsd.gz should be loaded via NFS, not TFTP.
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