Subject: Re: SCSI & SRM
To: None <>
From: Jeffrey Bridge <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/27/2003 13:04:55
In general, the alpha SRMs have had good support for LSI chips and bad
support for adaptec ones. Any reasonably standard LSI-based card should
do just fine. I got a 64bit 33MHz Ultra160 single-channel one, 58C1010
chip or something like that, for my 164LX board.

From a practical standpoint, I like the way SRM has not supported
adaptec cards as much, because they almost as a rule cost significantly
more than quite equivalent cards of the same spec from other


On Sun, 2003-07-27 at 12:48, Sean Davis wrote:
> Okay, since I've been told (and now had it proven to me) that an adaptec
> aha-2940 will not be recognized by SRM on an AlphaStation 600 5/266, I would
> like to ask for suggestions. The machine in question has an ultra2/lvd drive
> in it, are there any ultra2/lvd/wide cards that SRM will support (the latest
> SRM available for this machine is from 1999, and Compaq/HP/Whatever has
> stopped archiving even that, so updating the firmware on it is out of the
> question unless somebody has the newer files available somewhere.)